Testimonial: Understanding & Professional Midwife

We met Anja at the birth center where she previously worked when we transferred into her care at 32 weeks with my first pregnancy. She was sweet, understanding, and professional.
Our parents had some questions about out of hospital births and Anja shared her wisdom in a gentle manner.
Fast forwarding to our second pregnancy – we decided to have a home birth! We chose to contact Anja because we believed in her care, experience, and education. Anja was glad to serve us and our baby! She remembered us wholeheartedly (which was a major plus for me since we transferred late into care last pregnancy).
Throughout prenatal care, Anja presented questions and gave an open space for me to talk. She never pressed to talk back at me. She was always listening with open ears. She also made my daughter, Sage, feel welcomed and loved when she came along to our appointments. She included her by letting her sit on the table, listen to the baby’s heartbeat, help take my blood pressure, etc. I really enjoyed that.
Birth soon came (even though it felt like forever) and the experience was incredible. It was such a profound and unforgettable moment in our family’s life. We felt safe, loved, and respected throughout our birth. Not once did Anja ever make me feel like a burden with the questions I had post birth. We were able to call her at midnight with a question about Kale. Something I really respect about Anja is her heart for educating women on self-care during pregnancy and postpartum. She also gives amazing massages! If you are wanting a home birth, I highly recommend Anja! Thank you so much for your care. If the Lord wills, we will definitely be returning for another round of excellent care.
Andrew and Meghann
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Sage and Kale, at the same developmental stage. Such smiley little sweeties!

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