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Arvigo® PechaKucha

That’s quite a title, isn’t it? Almost like a foreign language. Lucky for you, I’m a pretty good explainer.

My son’s very awesome public school has an annual fundraising event called Pecha Kucha. This is a simple, brief presentation style that originated in Tokyo in 2003, that helps folks to start having community conversations about great ideas. Each speaker presents a power point, 20 slides, with 20 seconds to talk about each slide. The slides advance automatically while you’re speaking. Let me tell you, as a speaker, you really have to figure out how to make your point concisely. It was a lovely challenge.

I tend to shake like a leaf in a windstorm when I’m speaking publicly, even though I’m not afraid to speak, and I usually say yes to these types of opportunities. I was grateful for the structure of the talk, and the solidness of the podium to hold on to as I was speaking.

Of course, my topic was Arvigo® Therapy. I can’t talk about it enough–I think it’s such a great tool that can help so many people. If you want a general overview, and you have 6 minutes and 40 seconds, you can view my recorded presentation here.  As I write this, it is April 16th, and we’ve had two solid days of an intense blizzard named Evelyn. Everything is closed down, and roads are impassable. It’s a great day to watch some of the other Pecha Kucha presentations from all over the world about so many topics. Learning all the time, but especially during blizzards.

Stay safe and warm, Midwesterners! The rest of you from balmy climates are so jealous that I live in a veritable snow globe, I just know it. This photo was taken yesterday, before ice started raining from the sky and an additional ten inches of snow fell. Totally jelly, aren’t you?

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Blizzard Evelyn 2018


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Upcoming Events

My introverted self is going to be out and about in public in March. I hope that spring will grace us with her presence for those events, because I’d mostly like to stick around home with a warm cuppa and some knitting if it’s terribly winter-y. Anyway, if I’m overcoming my introverted nature and the weather, I hope you’ll come out to meet me. It’s always great to see some warm and friendly faces at events. I really value our local community and the cool events that folks put on, and look forward to being involved in more things in the future.

First up, I will be doing a brief three minute and forty second PechaKucha presentation at this event, hosted by my youngest son’s very awesome school. I’ve chosen to talk about Arvigo® Supported Pregnancy, since it’s a thing I want lots more people to know about. I’m working out how to include the howler monkeys I encountered in Belize into the presentation, because, well, monkeys, people. They were so cool. If you can’t or won’t click through to the Facebook event, PechaKucha is on Tuesday, March 6, at 6:30 p.m. at The Fox Club, located within the Wisconsin Timber Rattler’s Stadium. The event is free and open to the public, with appetizers and a cash bar. Maybe it would be a fun date night for you and your sweetie?

Secondly, I will have a table at The Belly to Baby Expo, put on by Green Bay Doulas on Saturday, March 24th from 12:00 to 3:30 pm at The Meadows in Green Bay. I’ll have some cools mugs for sale, definitely some dark chocolate to giveaway, and I’m happy to chat with you about breastfeeding, home birth, Arvigo®, pregnancy, etc. I never pass up an opportunity to snuggle a baby, either, if you’re willing to share a squishy little person for a bit. The event has it’s own website (linked above), plus a Facebook page, plus a Facebook event. Stop by and say, hi!

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An invitation

It’s a lovely fertile June morning, and I would love to invite you to my deck for a cup of tea and a chat. I’m excited to hear your story, and to share some things I’ve learned with you as well. I’ve worked in the birth professions since 1997 as a doula and childbirth educator, and now as a midwife, Arvigo® practitioner, and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. I’ve raised four children of my own, so I have the perspective and experience that goes beyond academic training. I have a heart for new families and all that fertility, pregnancy, birth and parenting entails. Please share your stories in the comments, and I hope you will find some things here to learn, value, and take comfort in.