Lactation Help

I am offering lactation consultations in my office or in your home, with little to no waiting time. I know how important it is to get in to see someone quickly if you are experiencing feeding worries, and long wait times to see a breastfeeding professional can quickly derail your plans for feeding your baby. I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), with many years of experience in supporting breastfeeding pairs.

You and your nursling can been seen in my office in Sherwood, usually within one business day of you reaching out to schedule with me. I offer home visits, with the goal of visiting within two business days of first contact.

Appointments may include a detailed review of the issues you are experiencing, an overview of the birth experience for you and your baby, a thorough assessment for oral ties, and a plan of care for you and your baby that may involve weight checks and follow-up visits. Call today to schedule an appointment!