What is Abdominal Therapy?


Abdominal Therapy supports all phases of childbearing, from pre-conception through postpartum recovery. All of my birth clients are offered multiple treatments during their care. Many past clients report feeling more comfortable during their pregnancies, with fewer discomforts and quicker recovery time after their births.

A key component of therapy is the teaching of home-care techniques. This moves the power of the techniques right into the hands of the clients, and they continue the benefits of the therapy on their own, in between sessions with a professional care provider.

I offer Abdominal Therapy sessions for any pregnant or post-birth clients, regardless of their planned place of birth. My own midwifery clients can opt to receive multiple sessions throughout their pregnancies, and postpartum period, as well as encouragement and instruction in using the self-care techniques.

I offer a free session to anyone who is within six weeks of a pregnancy loss.

Call or text today to schedule your session! (503) 436-7414.

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