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Considering home birth: Part 3

What about the mess?

This question often comes up in a consultation with families considering home birth, and it’s definitely a legitimate concern. Birth comes accompanied by a variety of bodily fluids, and it’s reasonable to be concerned that your mattress or carpeting won’t be wrecked in the process.

The answer is pretty simple: we clean it up, and we’re pretty practiced at it. We will protect your furniture and flooring with under pads from your birth kit, we will have you supply some old towels, and you will end up with one garbage bag and one bag of kinda yucky laundry. We pre-treat and start the laundry for you before we go, so someone will just need to plunk it into the dryer later. Hydrogen peroxide is a miracle worker when it comes to getting blood out of fabric. There’s a bottle of it in your birth kit, but you may want to have more on hand. If you don’t have your own laundry machines, we can talk in your appointment about how to manage this aspect of a home birth.

Next up: pain