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Considering home birth: Part 1

When I was pregnant with my first baby, I was surrounded by family who had already had babies. I’m aware that this could be both a blessing and a curse, especially if all the family members aren’t on the same page as far as their thoughts and opinions on the options for care for mother and baby. Fortunately for me, my family and my husband’s both are full of people who can respectfully agree to disagree, and the issues that created actual tension were pretty few and far between.

An avid reader, my bedside table was stacked with six or more books at all times, and I read them all during the pregnancy. While I was setting my sights on a vaginal birth without pain medications, I definitely wanted to give birth in a hospital. There were many reasons for this, including concern about complications, a fear that perhaps I would need pain medication once the labor was an actuality and not a mental exercise, and, to be honest, a worry that my home (a rental flat) would be a biohazardous mess that would cause us to lose our security deposit.

When newly pregnant families come to me for a consultation, these are often their top three worries. Typically, one partner is more convinced of the idea of a birth in an out of hospital setting, and the other partner thinks perhaps s/he is in an alternate universe because, doesn’t everyone just go to the hospital to have their babies? I will take up these three common concerns in a series of upcoming blog posts. Stay tuned for information about what if something goes wrong.

~photo credit Fox Valley Birth & Baby